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Animated Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Presents / January 9, 2019 / Francisca Mccarty.

If they value the love you feel for them above all else then a sentimental gift is by far the better choice: something of the earth perhaps; a gift that will last forever just as the love you feel will endure for eternity. A Valentines gift need not cost a fortune and no true Valentine would expect you to pay out cash you can ill afford on their behalf. A Valentines gift should be a token of everything you feel about your Valentine: a connection; a unique symbol of affection and love; that piece of love and friendship in your pocket that reminds you to stay positive because you know how much you are loved. A gift that can be shared is also a great gift - one for me and one for you. Simple. Loving. Effective. Coming up with unique or personalised Valentine gift ideas can be incredibly difficult what with all the high street stores trying to sell you the generic Valentines presents they cart out every year such as chocolates flowers or teddy bears holding a heart.

Fear not though here are a few ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd. Always try and think unique when buying a valentines gift. You want your special someone to feel special and getting them the same thing millions of other people are getting isnt particularly special. This doesnt mean you have to spend a fortune it simply requires some effort. Something like a personalised CD that has all their favourite songs on is a nice gesture and shows how well you know them. Photo albums or framed pictures of you together are always a popular choice and is fun to reminisce over with a nice bottle of wine. Cooking a meal is another great Valentine gift idea that gets easily overlooked. Sometimes a nice gesture is worth a lot more than a cheap gift that took no effort at all to pick out.

This was where young men drew young womens names from a box to commemorate their rite of passage to the god Lupercus. The chooser and chosen would then be paired for one year. These random pairings often led to marriage. The Church of course didnt like the pagan festival so Pope Galasius the bishop of Rome amended this celebration slightly. He filled the box with the names of dead saints instead of girls and allowed both men and women to draw from the box. He believed this would encourage youngsters to copy the ways of the saint for the remainder of the year. On 14th February 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius declared this day to be Saint Valentines Day an official Catholic Holiday. By the early 1700s the United States started celebrating this day of love by swapping love notes and exchanging Valentines gifts for boyfriends girlfriends wives and husbands.

But poor St. Valentine as is usually the case with secret clauses was caught and sentenced to death. Legend Two Another legend claims that Valentine was a prisoner who fell in love with a young woman who came to visit him regularly. Legend has it that this visitor was his jailors daughter. On the day of his death on February 14th 269 A.D. Valentine wrote her a love letter signed with: "Your Valentine." And that ladies and gentlemen is how the phrase "Be my Valentine" came into being and of course why we exchange Valentines Day presents. Legend Three Whats more the pagan Romans had a fertility celebration in the middle of February called Lupercalia. Many folks believed that spring brought the renewal of life in the middle of February therefore a "love lottery" was held.

The love you feel for the person you hold dearest is no laughing matter and one most people wish to honor with a gift that will go on forever. Trawling endless shopping malls and hunting through a sea of red hearts and flowers in the run up to Valentines Day is no fun and sometimes we look for the right things in all the wrong places. Choosing a gift that has some meaning should start with knowing the right impression you want to give. You know how you feel about someone but it is not always the easiest thing to know how to express that love. Men find choosing the right Valentines gift especially difficult and tend to ask advice from department store sales staff about what to buy; not the most impartial person to ask! Take the time to think about the person you are buying for.

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